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Welcome to the Maine Wine Trail! Supported by the Maine Winery Guild members, the Maine Wine Trail offers 30 tasting rooms across the state for your tasting pleasure! We hope you will make the Maine Wine Trail a part of your Maine Adventure!

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    <p>Welcome, Wine Lover! We are happy to have you join us on the 2024 Maine Wine Trail!</p><p>This year you have your choice of 30 scenic Tasting rooms throughout Maine, each one with their own unique spin on wine, cider, mead, and spirits for your enjoyment. </p><p>The 2024 Maine Wine Trail Challenge has badges and prizes along the way for you, just for exploring Maine's wineries. To receive your prizes, we will need to reach out to you to get your SHIPPING ADDRESS. If you've reached Badge#6, we will also need to know what STYLE t-shirt (men's or women's) and what SIZE you would like. </p><p>We reach out to our prize winners about 2x a month - or you can also email US at with that information, and we'll get you connected with your goodies!</p>

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